LMS - Load Monitoring Systems

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Comprehensive range of load cell products and custom load cell design available.

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Load Links

For all lifting applications, including Marine & offshore

  • Load links in capacities upto 500Te tensile loads.
  • Lightweight high tensile aluminium design using aerospace grade material.
  • Accuracy of < 0.5% of applied load.
  • Fully traceable calibration certificate to Namas.
  • Safety Factor of 5:1 minimum.
  • All units proof load tested to 150%.
  • Wireless and cabled models available.
  • Rated to IP66.

Load Shackles

  • Load links in capacities upto 500Te tensile loads.

Compressive Load Cells

  • Design of bespoke load cell solutions for capacities up to 2000 Tonne.

Running Line Tensiometer

  • For wire rope load (line) and line (pay out) in arduous marine and offshore environments with restrictive space.

Handheld Load Cell Telemetry Display

  • Which are matched to use with our load monitoring products.

Load Pins

  • An alternative to weighing on existing sheaves, and clevis based applications.

Data Logging

  • All Wireless Units can be transmitted to Local PC for immediate displaying on screen.